WESTERN ENERGY EST. is an independent private company. It operates within the competitive business environment of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is therefore tuned to its specific requirements.

The most important corporate principal of the company is that, its success depends upon the satisfaction of its customers. This principal dictates that customer requirements are thoroughly understood and the results are consistent with those demands.

Business Mission

Following the leading edge of the technology in our field and providing it to our customers benefit for a profit is the business mission of the Company.


To be the quality Vendor who manages Change for the clients' benefit

Business Activity

Foundation of WESTERN ENERGY EST. progress is commitment to quality. The Company has always represented quality products with due value added approach to its customers.WESTERN ENERGY EST. offers product solutions, which involve integrated Solution and systems. This gives the Company a substantial advantage for an orderly growth.


The Company takes particular pride in the quality of its engineers as well as design, installation and maintenance services provided to its customers by them. Technological advances combined with Successful implementation and use of such systems depends on the expertise, dedication and proper management of people. Therefore, the success of WESTERN ENERGY is built on the quality of its management and staff.

Finally, as a provider of solutions, products and services, WESTERN ENERGY is committed to the maintenance of a staff of professionals who can support what is sold.


At WESTERN ENERGY EST. we work to establish long-term partnerships with our clients and deliver cost effective business solutions through a coherent array of world-class products and services. We will distribute and represent technologies that provide best value to our Clients, and we will take responsibility for technology integration and migration; leaving our clients to concentrate on their core business.

Management Values

Management encourages people to use their initiative and to accept personal responsibility. We seek to empower staff to solve problems, make decisions and continually improve performance. Every person in the organization is involved in continuous process of improvement, fostering excellent teamwork, minimizing layers of management and promoting greater operation flexibility.